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  Math Playground's games are aligned to Common Core Math Standards.  
  Common Core Math Standards   Standards for Mathematical Practice  
Finding activities aligned to the Common Core Math Standards can be difficult and time-consuming. To make it easier, Math Playground has organized its learning games around the standards for grades 1-6. While not every standard is covered by the activities on Math Playground, we will continue to create new games that meet those objectives. Wherever possible, we've attempted to cross-reference game pages with the Common Core objectives they meet. These references can be found beneath each game or activity. This level of organization continues to be a work in progress.
The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe some of the ways students should be encouraged to think mathematically. Many of these mathematical practices occur naturally when students are immersed in problem solving games. Successful completion of these games relies on the player's ability to make sense of problems, to identify patterns, make connections, apply previously learned knowledge and persevere in finding a solution. Many of Math Playground's logic puzzles include an introductory video that describes learning outcomes and explains how to use the game in a classroom setting.
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