Mathcasts Project

This project requires a teacher or parent.

  Quick Start Guide

Step1. Watch a video by Tim Fahlberg which explains how to use the project wiki.

Step 2. Sign up for a free Voice Thread account. K-12 educators can apply for a free Pro account.

Step 3. Become a member of the Mathcast 500 wiki.

Step 4. Add your voice to one of the 500 Mathcasts in progress.

Step 5. Introduce the project to your students. Let them do the teaching and watch their understanding and love of math soar.

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5th Grade Geometry
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Project Goals

1. To improve students' understanding of math concepts through the process of thinking, solving, and communicating math out loud and online.

2. To provide a quick and easy way for educators to integrate new web technologies into the teaching of mathematics.

3. To provide an assessment tool that is both creative and meaningful.

4. To foster a sense of pride in our students toward advances in their understanding of math.

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