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iPad Instructions

1. Download Rover from the app store. It's free!

2. Start the Rover app and type in

3. Bookmark this link in the Rover app for next time.

  Play all your favorite thinking games!

iPhone and iPod Instructions

Step 1: Download the Puffin browser from the app store.
Step 2: Once installed, tap the Puffin icon on your device and enter in the address bar. Bookmark it for next time!

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Logic, Thinking, and Problem Solving Games

Snail Bob 2

Sugar Sugar 1

Sugar Sugar 2


Civiballs 2

Magic Pen 1

Magic Pen 2

Feed the Mooks

Release the Mooks 3

Sticky Blocks

Full Moon

Factory Balls 1

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 3

Factory Balls 4

Color World

Color World Origins

Bear vs Bee

Purple Trouble

King of Shapes

Way of an Idea 2



Snoring Wild West

Monsterland 1

Monsterland 2

Cat around the World

Max Connect 1

Max Connect 2




Pickies 2

Cyclop Physics

Full Moon

Purple Invaders

Hippos vs Rhinos


Duck Think


Sliding Block

40 x Escape

Four in a Row

Add and Subtract Multiply and Divide Fractions/Decimals Time and Money

Alien Addition

Jet Ski Addition

Kitten Match

Tug Team Addition

Ducky Subtraction

Minus Mission

Island Subtraction

Sailboat Subtraction

Grand Prix

Meteor Multiplication

Penguin Jump

Space Race

Tug Team Multiply

Demolition Division

Division Derby

Drag Race Division

Pony Division

Hungry Pup Decimals

Puppy Chase

Puppy Pull Decimals

Tug Team Fractions

Ratio Blaster

Ratio Martian

Ratio Stadium

Dirt Bike Proportions

Giraffe Race Time

Giraffe Pull Time

Dolphin Dash

Dolphin Feed

- Advanced -

Otter Rush

Swimming Otters

Orbit Integers

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