Math Playground
Connect animal pairs.
Cover all hexagons!
Block the Pig
The young pig wants to escape.
Can you keep her safe?
Piggy in the Puddle 2
Guide the pig to the mud.
Friendly animals will help.
Rhino Rink
Push the rhinos out of the rink.
Plan your strategy!
Dino Park Division
Divide numbers.
Unearth the dinos!
Fluffy Cuddlies
Connect the cuddlies.
Can you save them all?
Snoring - Pirates!
Wake the sleeping elephant!
The other animals will help.
Trap the Mouse
Can you keep the mouse
from escaping?
Place Value Race
Solve math puzzles.
Win the race!
How to Feed Animals
Owls sleep, others eat.
One left? That would be neat!
Tip Tap Tile
Can you turn all the
tiles white?
Sophia's World
Sophia needs you help.
Find and rescue animals!
Pet Party
Line up the animals
to make 3 in a row.
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