Math Playground
Robot Islands
Lead the robot to the exit.
Don't fall into the ocean!
Adventure Tom
Guide Tom to the exit.
Don't forget the key!
Aqua Thief
Draw a path.
Collect the coins!
Tip Tap Tile
Can you turn all the
tiles white?
Connect animal pairs.
Cover all hexagons!
Zippy Boxes
Unlock the boxes.
Meet the zany characters!
Block the Pig
The young pig wants to escape.
Can you keep her safe?
These robots sure can slide.
Guide them to the energy cells.
Tube Master
Connect the pipes.
Fill in every tile!
Feed That Thing!
Leave a trail of apples.
Guide That Thing to the exit.
Blue Turn
Red to blue.
Chain reactions, too!
Trap the Mouse
Can you keep the mouse
from escaping?
The Warehouse
Can you move the boxes
to where they need to be?
Red Block Rescue
Clear a path and rescue
the red block.
Parking Lot
Your cool red car is trapped!
Can you escape?
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