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Teach Math with Games

How to Teach 3rd Grade Math

Colleen King
March 12, 2018
Children encounter multiplication, fractions, and geometric measurement for the very first time in the 3rd grade math curriculum. Our task as teachers is to help our students develop a strong foundation in each of these key areas. The internet is full of lesson plans, games, and activities but how do you find the best teaching resources? Let’s begin with Math Playground where you’ll find an abundance of 3rd grade math games to support and enrich your curriculum.

Problem Solving with Logic Games

Colleen King
February 11, 2018
Add logic games to your math curriculum and watch student engagement and learning soar. From problem solving and creative thinking to spatial reasoning and perseverance, logic games help students develop skills that are an essential part of any math program.

Thinking Blocks

Colleen King
January 12, 2018
Thinking Blocks is the visual, interactive way to solve math word problems. Students build models with colorful blocks and identify known and unknown quantities. The models are a powerful way to organize information and simplify the problem solving process.

Did you know that Math Playground began nearly 20 years ago in an after school math club? My students loved learning with math games and wanted to keep playing at home. That's how Math Playground came to be. Now children everywhere can explore multiplication, fractions, geometry and more with our fun and unique math games.

Colleen King Creator of Math Playground
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Factor Pair Up: How well do you know your multiplication facts? Capture 3 or 4 products in a line before your opponent does.
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