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Help with Flash Games
Chrome Browser
Flash Help Chrome
Step 1. Click the small lock icon in your address bar. Select FLASH or SITE SETTINGS from the drop down menu.
Step 2. Select ALLOW from the drop down menu.
Step 3. Return to the game page. Click RELOAD. Your game will now be unblocked.
Safari Browser
Step 1. From the menu choose Safari then Preferences.
Step 2. Click the Websites tab (or Security is older versions) then look for Adobe Flash Player under plugins. Make sure it is selected.
Step 3. Choose your plug-in settings from that page.
Other Browsers and Installation
For additional help with the Adobe Flash Player, please see this page on the Adobe site.
Google Admin Console
These instructions are intended for network and system administrators.
Google Admin Flash Help
Step 1. Sign into the Google Admin console and select DEVICE MANAGEMENT from the home page.
Step 2. From the left side, select CHROME then SETTINGS.
Step 3. Search for PLUG-INS then select RUN PLUG-INS AUTOMATICALLY from the dropdown menu.
Step 4. Enter the following domain into the box in the section labeled ALLOW PLUG_INS ON THESE SITES.
Step 5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.
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