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Outsmart your opponent.
Turn your pieces into kings!
Addition Snake
Guide the hungry snake
to the correct sums!
Capture the king.
Sir Coins A Lot 2
Collect the coins!
Watch out for monsters.
Multiplication Snake
Guide the hungry snake
to the correct products!
Reverse the Discs
Capture your opponent's discs.
Can you win them all?
Peg Jumper
Can you leave only one peg
standing? In the center?
Math Man
Search for the answers.
Stay clear of the ghosts!
Red Swap Blue
Move the red and blue
tiles to the opposite side.
Sweet Treat Memory
Can you match the treats
in record time?
Count and capture gems.
Can you outsmart the computer?
Select matching tiles.
Eliminate all monsters!
Tower of Hanoi
Move all of the rings from the
left tower to the right one.
Memory Artist
Can you repeat a long
sequence of colors?
Four Discs
Make four in a row.
Can you beat the computer?
Capture and Turn
Capture your opponent's pieces
and turn them to black.
Break the Code
Use logic to determine
the correct sequence.
Quad Collage
Tile with tetrominoes.
Make sure there are no gaps!
One Clown Standing
Red clowns jump, not blue.
Leave one clown, not two!