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Jelly Doods
Combine jelly shapes.
Plan your strategy!
Aqua Thief
Draw a path.
Collect the coins!
Jelly Slice
Divide the jelly blob.
One star per section.
Lightybulb is sad.
Make Lightybulb smile again!
Make Lightybulb smile.
Solve challenging puzzles!
Flip the switch.
First figure out how!
ClickPLAY Time 6
Solve the puzzles.
Reveal the hidden button!
The Warehouse
Can you move the boxes
to where they need to be?
These robots sure can slide.
Guide them to the energy cells.
Robot Islands
Lead the robot to the exit.
Don't fall into the ocean!
How to Feed Animals
Owls sleep, others eat.
One left? That would be neat!
Zippy Boxes
Unlock the boxes.
Meet the zany characters!
Feed That Thing!
Leave a trail of apples.
Guide That Thing to the exit.
Move the boxes.
Make sure they land on yellow circles.