Math Playground
Fraction Forest 2
Ready for a challenge?
More problems to solve!
Fraction Forest 1
Help the animals.
Explore unit fractions!
Fraction Playground
Practice unit fractions.
Can you solve them all?
Math Monster Fractions
Compare the fractions.
Uncover the hidden monsters!
Pattern Blocks
Explore fractions
with shapes!
Puzzle Pics Fractions
Can you identify fractions?
Use number lines, bars, and circles.
Candy Cashier
Find the cost.
Pay and make change!
Candy Challenge Junior
Fill the jars.
Easier puzzles!
Candy Challenge Pro
Find the candy prices.
Fill all the jars!
Number Climb
Can you place numbers in order?
Try integers or fractions!
Decimal Number Conundrum
Solve number puzzles
with decimal numbers!
Zogs and Monsters Money
Collect coins that add up to the
target value. Avoid the monsters!
Puzzle Pics Money
Count the money.
Reveal the hidden picture!
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