Math Playground
Can you keep the line
segments from crossing?
Reflect the laser beam.
Hit the targets!
Red Block Rescue
Clear a path and rescue
the red block.
Area Blocks
Use area and perimeter
to cover the grid first.
Parking Lot
Your cool red car is trapped!
Can you escape?
Alien Angles
Estimate angles.
Rescue the aliens!
Rocket Angles
Measure angles.
Use a protractor!
Space Graph
Locate coordinates.
Guide the spaceship!
Rescue Mission
Identify coordinates.
Rescue space pals!
Pattern Blocks
Explore geometry,
fractions and more.
Tangram Puzzles
Create the image using
the four shapes you are given.
Reflect and Rotate
Reflect designs in a grid.
Rotate around the origin.
Hidden Cubes
How many cubes are there?
More than meets the eye!
Fill the Figure
Place the geometric tiles in the figure.
Can you fill it completely?
Shape Inlay
Use the geometric tiles
to fill the image.
Be the first to find
the creepy crawlies!
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