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Kindness Rhyme
You are special.
Be kind to all!
Addition with Regrouping
Add 2 digit numbers.
Regroup 10 or more!
Subtraction with Regrouping
Subtract 2 digit numbers.
Regroup tens!
Place Value
Hundreds, tens, ones.
Learn their place!
Learn about coins.
See you at the track!
Telling Time
What time is it?
Now you know!
Picture Graphs
Read a graph.
Make a graph!
Bar Graphs
Compare amounts.
See data clearly!
Line Plots
Make a line plot.
How do they work?
Elapsed Time
How much time?
Learn how!
Regrouping 3 Digit Numbers
Hundreds, tens, ones.
Regroup them all!
Subtraction with Zeros
Place value with zero.
Learn how!
Skip Counting
Intro to Multiplication
Whole numbers.
Equal groups!
Multiplication with 3
Count by 3.
Learn the facts!
Multiplication Vocabulary
Factors and products.
Learn new words!
Multiplication and Division
Two operations.
Closely connected!
Division Vocabulary
Dividend and divisor.
Learn new words!
Commutative Property
One multiplication fact.
Written two ways!
Associative Property
Grouping symbols.
Does order matter?!
Distributive Property
Big numbers?
Make it easy!
Long Division
Step by step.
Waht's the quotient?
Division with Remainders
Anything left over?
That's the remainder!