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From Our Classroom to Yours
Millions of students around the world are playing our math games and discovering new ways to visualize math concepts. But did you know that Math Playground began nearly twenty years ago in a single classroom with only 8 students? Many of the math games on Math Playground were first built with manipulatives, classroom supplies, and a good deal of imagination. Our students asked to play these games at home and that's how Math Playground came to be. We want our students to experience the fun and excitement of mathematical discoveries wherever they go!

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Teacher Created, Classroom Tested
Many of the math games and activities on Math Playground were developed by veteran, K-8 educators. One of our most successful math projects has been Thinking Blocks. In 2000, we began laying the groundwork for a word problem manipulative. We were able to guide children from simple multiplication stories to challenging multi-step word problems within weeks. A few years later, Thinking Blocks was published and now millions of children worldwide are modeling their word problems.

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Mobile Math Games
Did you know that many of our games can be played on any mobile device with wi-fi. We currently have 75 math games and will be adding more throughout the coming year. Our mobile site also contains dozens of logic games and thinking puzzles that provide a secondary level of support for mathematical learning. These games emphasize spatial reasoning, logical thinking, problem solving, trial and error, perseverance, and more. Visit our math video collection to brush up on a wide range of math concepts, from place value and regrouping to geometry and algebra.

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