Math games, logic puzzles and language arts practice for students in grades 6+.
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Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 6 Math Games and Activities
Otter Rush
Ratio Stadium
Adding Integers
Algebra Puzzles 3
Ratio Blaster
Ratio Martian
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Shape Transformations
Integer Number Puzzles
Dirt Bike Proportions
Combining Fractions
Project T.R.I.G.
Decimal Number Puzzles
Multiplying Fractions
Fractions, Decimals, %
Locate Coordinates
Identify Coordinates
Algebra Puzzles
Alien Angles
Linear Equations
Multiplying Integers
Prealgebra Skills
Ratio and Scale
Equation Creations
Model Algebra Equations
Swimming Otters Exponents
Transformtion Workshop
Prime Factorization
Use a Protractor
Ratio Word Problems
Sum Tracks
Math Millionaire
Fraction-Percent Scale
Area Blocks
Spider Match Integers
Geometry Board
Finite Moves
Fraction Bars
Math Word Problems
Whole Number Puzzles
Fraction-Decimal Scale
Circle Graphs
Fraction Word Problems
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Scale
Visual Division
Sum Points
Grade 6 Word and Geography Games
Spelling Bees
Double Vowels
Spelling Words
Verb Tenses
Sky Chase Typing
Giraffe Karts - Grammar
Parts of Speech
Antonyms and Synonyms
Word Typing Jets
Must Pop Words
Octo Feed - Homonyms
What's the Word?
Furious Frogs - Antonyms
States and Capitals I
States and Capitals II
Countries and Capitals I
Countries and Capitals II
Grade 6 Logic and Problem Solving Games
Sugar Sugar 3
Wheely 7
Factory Balls 2
40x Escape
New! Red Block 2
ClickPLAY Time
Lightybulb 2
Lightybulb 3
Overlap Sums
Logic Tracks
Sweet Drmzzz
Red Block Escape
Wise Turn
The Right Way
Feed That Thing
Red Defender
Wheely 3
Blob's Story
Wheely 4
Aqua Thief
Wheely 5
Block the Pig
Wheely 6
Blue Box
Layer Maze
Tower Puzzle
Robot Islands
Me and the Key 2
Factory Balls 4
Full Moon
Hero in the Ocean 2
Me and the Key 3
Sugar Sugar 2
Red Defender
Duck Think Outside the Flock
A Bark in the Dark
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