Math games, logic puzzles amd language arts practice for students in third grade.
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Grade 6
Grade 3 Math Games and Activities
Candy Challenge Junior
Place Value Game
Candy Cashier
Grand Prix Multiplication
Area Blocks
Pony Pull Division
Meteor Multiplication
Puzzle Pics Fractions
Space Race
Math Monster Multiplication
New! The FactorBots
New! SumBots
Tug Team Fractions
Penguin Jump
Two Digit Multiplication
Place Value
Addition with Regrouping
Subtraction with Regrouping
Picture Graphs
Bar Graphs
Line Plots
Telling Time
Elapsed Time
Regrouping 3 Digit Numbers
Multiplication and Division
Commutative Property
Associative Property
Distributive Property
Addition Blocks
Multiplication Blocks
Puzzle Pics Multiplication
Tug Team Multiplication
Product Blocks
Reflect and Rotate
Math Word Problems
Swimming Otters
Zogs and Monsters x
Two Digit Addition
Zogs and Monsters +
Shape Recognition
Space Racer X
Puppy Pull Decimals
Making Change
Sum Shapes
Magic Triangle
Zogs and Monsters $
Puzzle Pics Money
Dolphin Dash Money
Dolphin Feed Money
Whole Number Puzzles
Number Bonds 30
Puzzle Pics Clocks
Giraffe Race Time
Giraffe Pull Time
Number Bonds 40
Pumpkin Multiples
Pattern Blocks
Cuisenaire Rods
Math Word Problems
Multiplication Snake
Number Trails Multiplication
Math Racer Multiplication
Puzzle Pics Addition
Puzzle Pics Subtraction
Grade 3 Word and Geography Games
Spelling Bees
Double Vowels
Spelling Words
Verb Tenses
Sky Chase Typing
States and Capitals I
States and Capitals II
Typing Jets
Must Pop Words
What's The Word?
Grade 3 Logic and Problem Solving Games
Red Block Escape
Jelly Doods
New! Zippy Boxes
Block the Pig
Wheely 1
Robo Trobo
Mouse House
Gluey 2
Wheely 2
Cat Around Europe
Feed That Thing
Need a Hero
Wheely 3
Jelly Slice
Wheely 4
Aqua Thief
Wheely 5
Factory Balls 1
Wheely 6
Jellydad Hero
Tiny King
Cat Around the World
Monsterland 3
Humble Jungle
Monsterland 2
Snoring Pirates
Bear vs Bee
Release the Mooks
Trap the Mouse
Jelly Collapse
Snail Bob 2
Wheely 7
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