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Me and the Key 2
Can you find the key? Text hints are located at the bottom of this page.
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Me and the Key
Common Core Connection
CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Me and the Key 2 Hints (only if you absolutely give up)

Level 1
Drag the penguin up and click the key around its neck.

Level 2
Type all the letters on your keyboard.

Level 3
Click all the white blocks to form a key.

Level 4
Press the mouse button to make a left turn, collect 2 balls, and then the key.

Level 5
Press the penguins in the order MEANDTHEKEY2.

Level 6
Move your mouse left and right to make the ball fall to the key at the bottom.

Level 7
Drag one of the white background bars to find the key.

Level 8
Always click the new ball.

Level 9
Don't move the mouse so the penguin will think of a key. Make sure your mouse is positioned over the key. Click it without moving.

Level 10
Keep the mouse pointer over the ball as it rises.

Level 11
Drag the ball from one to the other but don't touch the walls.

Level 12
Type all the letters on your keyboard, except the letters KEY.

Level 13
Click the penguins so they spell KEY.

Level 14
Play the snake game like you did in Level 4. Make big loops to complete this level successfully.

Level 15
Press the Delete button on your keyboard 3 times.

Level 16
Click the 5 differences on the top tv - nose, right background bar, orange ball, left eye, bottom thought balloon.

Level 17
Drag the ball from one to the other without touching the walls.

Level 18
Click all the blocks until they are white and form a key.

Level 19
Press the penguins in the order BARTBONTE.

Level 20
Another round of Snake but you must click the blocks to make wy for the snake.

Level 21
Press the penguins in the order: TWENTYONE.

Level 22
Drag the three layers to find a key.

Level 23
Make all television sets the same -orange background and penguin down.

Level 24
Always click the new ball that is added.

Level 25
Hit all the bricks and finally hit the key.

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