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Prealgebra Games


Adding Integers Adding Integers Multiplying Integers Exponents
Variables Algebra Puzzles Simultaneous Equations Algebra Puzzles
Various Topics Linear Equations Algebra Puzzles Identify Coordinates
Locate Coordinates Combining Integers Ordering Integers Order of Operations
Prealgebra Manipulatives
Shape Transformations Algebra Scale Function Machine Prime Factorization
Prealgebra Word Problems   Prealgebra and Algebra Videos

Solving a variable equation
How do you solve 5(2x + 7) = 45?
How do you solve an inequality?

What is PEMDAS?
Order of Operations
Defining Variables
Additive and Multiplicative Inverses
Simplifying and Combining Like Terms

Solving Single-step Equations
Solving Two-step Equations
Solving Multi-step Equations
Solving Equations Variable on Both Sides
Plotting Points and Naming Quadrants
Definition of Slope
Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph
Graphing Lines using a Table of Values
Modeling Tool Order of Operations
Two Numbers The Bakery
Logic and Thinking Games that Promote Algebraic Reasoning Skills
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