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Whole Numbers - Addition and Subtraction 36 GAMES Logic and Spatial Reasoning 209 GAMES
Jet Ski Addition - addition
Island Chase Subtraction - subtraction
Tug Team Addition - addition
Minus Mission - subtraction
Kitten Match - number bonds
Alien Addition - addition
Math Lines 10 - number pairs to 10
Math Lines 20 - number pairs to 20
Number Invaders - addition and subtraction

Ducky Race Subtraction - subtraction
Sailboat Subtraction - subtraction
Number Bonds 30 - addition
Number Bonds 40 - addition
Math Man - addition
Puzzle Pics - addition through 20
Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 20
Puzzle Pics - addition through 100
Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 100
Math Monster - addition
Math Monster - subtraction
Number Bonds II - number facts through 20
Canoe Penguins - 2 digit addition
Zogs and Monsters Addition - addition facts
2048 - doubles
Sum Tracks - number puzzle
Sum Points - number puzzle
Sum Points Levels Pack - number puzzle
Magic Triangle - number puzzle, addition, subtraction
Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction, missing addend
Sum Shapes - addition, missing addends
Finite Moves - number puzzles
Number Trails Addition - addition
Addition Snake - addition
Math Racer Addition - addition
Addition Blocks - addition and number bonds
Sum Links - number puzzles
40x Escape
A Bark in the Dark
A Blocky Christmas
A Bonte Winter
Alarmy Cristalland
Alarmy Desert
Alarmy Riverland
Aliens Hurry Home
Aqua Thief
Basket Bird
Bear vs Bee
Bearboy and the Cursor
Big Time Butter Baron
Blast the Mooks
Blob's Story
Block the Pig
Blue Box
Brain Builder
Brain Patterns
Break the Code
Capture and Turn
Cat Around Africa
Cat Around Asia
Cat Around Europe
Cat Around the World
Cat Shmat
Circle Your Land
Civiballs 1
Civiballs 2
Civiballs Christmas
Coin Weighing
Color 'Em
Color Joy 2
Color World
Color World Origins
Construct It
Cyclop Physics
Double Win
Duck Think Outside the Flock
Duck Life
Duck Life 2
Duck Life 3
Duck Life 4
Duck Life 5
Escape the North Pole
Factory Balls 1
Factory Balls 2
Factory Balls 3
Factory Balls 4
Factory Balls Christmas
Fancy Diver
Fancy Pandas
Feed That Thing
Feed the Mooks
Find the Cow
Flight of the Bee
Flip and Go
Fluffy Rescue
Four in a Row
Free Jelly
Free to Glow
Full Moon
Future Buddy
Gluey 2
Golden Scarabaeus
Go Robots!
Help Me
Hero in the Ocean
Hero in the Ocean 2
Hippos vs Rhinos
How To Feed Animals
Humble Jungle Puzzle
Hungry Shapes 1
Hungry Shapes 2
Hungry Shapes 3
I Need Water
Invert Selection
Invert Selection Levels Pack
IQ Ball
Jelly Collapse
Jellydad Hero
Jelly Doods
Jelly Slice
King of Shapes
King Rolla
Layer Maze
Layer Maze 2
Layer Maze 3
Layer Maze 4
Layer Maze 5
Light the Lamps
Magic Factory
Magic Pen
Magic Pen 2
Magic Safari
Me and the Key
Me and the Key 2
Me and the Key 3
Memory Artist
Monsterland 3
Monsterland: Junior Revenge
Monsterland: Junior vs Senior
Monsterland 4
Monsterland Challenge
Mouse House
Natural Selection 2
Need a Hero
Nine Men's Morris
Ninja Miner
Ninja Painter
Nutty Mania
Nutty Yums
One Clown Standing
Out of Wind
Pet Party
Pickies 2
Piggy in the Puddle 2
Prizma Puzzle
Prizma Puzzle 2
Prizma Puzzle Challenges
Purple Invaders
Purple Trouble
Push It
Puzzle Monsters
Red Block Escape
Red Defender
Red Swap Blue
Release the Mooks 3
Rescue Bear
Rhino Rink
Robot Islands
Robo Trobo
Rolling Ghosts
Rolling Hero 1
Rolling Hero 2
Rolling Hero 3
Rubik's Cube
Shift the Block
Ship Loader
Short Legs Want Rabbit
Sliding Block
Snail Bob 2
Snoring 2 - Winter Edition
Snoring Pirates
Snoring Treasure Island
Snoring Wild West
Sticky Blocks
Sticky Linky
Stones of the Pharoah
Sugar, Sugar 1
Sugar, Sugar 2
Sugar, Sugar 3
Sugar, Sugar Christmas
Sweet Drmzzz
Teddies and Monsters
Tetra Squares
The Bee Way
The Jolls
The Parking Lot
The Right Way
The Warehouse
Tiny King
Tip Tap Tile
Tower of Hanoi
Trap the Mouse
Tube Master
Way of an Idea 2
Wheely 2
Wheely 3
Wheely 4
Wheely 5
Wheely 6
Wheely 7
Wish Totems
Wise Turn
Zippy Boxes
Whole Numbers - Multiplication and Division 26 GAMES
Number Invaders - multiplication and division
Space Racer X - multiplication facts
Pumpkin Multiples - recognizing multiples
Grand Prix - multiplication
Drag Race Division - division
Tug Team - multiplication
Meteor Multiplication - multiplication
Demolition Division - division
Space Race - multiplication

Pony Division - division
Division Derby - division

Penguin Jump - multiplication
Math Man - multiplication and division
Puzzle Pics - multiplication
Puzzle Pics - division
Math Monster- multiplication
Math Monster - division
Math Lines - multiplication, factor pairs
Zogs and Monsters - multiplication
Swimming Otters - missing factors
Product Blocks - multiplication, arrays
Number Trails Multiplication - multiplication, factors
Multiplication Snake - multiplication practice
Math Racer Multiplication - multiplication practice
Multiplication Blocks - multiplication, factors, multiples
Canoe Puppies - 2 digit multiplication
Whole Numbers - All Four Operations 7 GAMES
Math Man - basic math operations
Arithmetic Game - order of operations
Quick Calculate - basic number operations
Make 24 - order of operations
Quick Math - basic number operations
Calculator Chaos - numbers and operations
Brainie - numbers and operations
Counting and Time 5 GAMES
Koala Karts - counting
Jumping Chicks - counting

Giraffe Race - analog and digital time
Giraffe Pull - time words
Puzzle Pics Time - telling time
Money and General Math Knowledge 8 GAMES
Math at the Mall 1 - money and decision making
Making Change - coins and adding money
Balance Scale - reasoning with weight
Math Millionaire - general math knowledge
Math Olympics - general math knowledge

Dolphin Dash - count money up to $1.00
Dolphin Feed - make money amount
Puzzle Pics Money - counting money
Fractions, Decimals, Percent 20 GAMES
Escape Fraction Manor - fractions
Decention - fractions, decimals, %
Number Invaders - percent
Triplets - equivalent fractions
Shopping at Troy's Toys - sale price
Gap Zappers - reasoning with fractions
Math at the Mall 2 - discount, interest, tax
Number Bonds - pairs that make 100, 1
Tug Team Fractions - comparing fractions

Hungry Puppies Decimals - decimal addition
Puppy Pull Decimals - decimal words
Puppy Chase Decimals - change fractions
Number Climb - ordering fractions
Speedway Fractions - adding fractions
Snow Sprint Fractions - multiplying fractions
Number Bond Fractions - make 1 with fractions
Number Bond Decimals - make 1 with decimals
Puzzle Pics Fractions - fractions on a number line
Matching Game - matching fractions and percent
Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of decimals
Geometry 19 GAMES
Shape Mods - transformations
Project TRIG - angles and velocity
Design a Party - area and perimeter
Alien Angles - angles
Locate the Aliens - coordinates
Spaceboy to the Rescue - coordinates
Building Blocks - 2D geometry
Count the Cubes - 3D volume
Shape Mosiacs - 2D geometry
Geometry Quiz - various geometry topics
Matching Shapes - naming shapes
Finite Moves - geometry puzzle
Area Blocks - area and perimeter
(un)Earthworms - naming and locating coordinates
Kangaroo Hop - recognizing shapes
Rainbow Mechanic - angles
Max Connect 1 - angles
Max Connect 2 - angles
Reflect and Rotate - reflections and rotations
Prealgebra 22 GAMES
Scale Factor X - ratio and proportion
Ratio Stadium - equal ratios
Dirt Bike Proportions - solving proportions
Ratio Blaster - equal ratios
Ratio Martian - equal ratios
The X Detectives - prealgebra concepts
Weigh the Wangdoodles - visual equations
Algebra Game - visual equations
Algebraic Reasoning - visual equations
Save the Zogs - graphing linear equations
Shuttle Mission Math - algebraic thinking

Orbit Integers - integer addition
Spider Match - integer addition
Number Flowers - addition of integers
Integer Warp - integer multiplication
Number Balls - ordering signed numbers

Otter Rush - exponent expressions
Swimming Otters - variable expressions
Integer Number Bonds - combining integers
Math Lines Integers - combining integers
Number Trails Integers - combining integers
Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of integers
Real World Math 10 GAMES
Doodles - art and math
Game Pro - right triangles
Wheelworks - gear ratios
Sweet Treat Cafe - running a cafe
Space Logic - programming
Builders, Inc - area and perimeter
Adventure Rides - slope
Trigon Studios - trig animation
SpiroMath - art and math
Equation Creations - art and math is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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