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Full Moon
Can you solve each puzzle? Text hints are located at the bottom of the page.

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Full Moon
Common Core Connection
CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Full Moon Hints (only if you absolutely give up)

Level 1
Click the play button. The rabbit must reach the carrot but it's not close enough. What can you do?

Level 2
The owl will move once he is clicked a few times. But you'll have to wait for the owl to fall asleep again before you can get the pear.

Level 3
Click on each lightbulb from left to right. Make sure the red bulb is not lit.

Level 4
Use a leaf to carry the acorn across the water. Watch out for the rock!

Level 5
Perhaps the balloon can carry the rabbit to the apple. Use your mouse pointer to expand the balloon.

Level 6
You'll need a large rock on the left platform and the small rock on the right platform.

Level 7
Light all the lightbulbs except the 2 red ones. The wheel will rotate if you drag it with your mouse.

Level 8
Find the spot on the tree where there are no owls. It's in the upper left part of the tree. The spot is clickable but super small.

Level 9
Move owls to the left then click the first 3 owls to light the first 3 bulbs. How can you turn on the other lights?

Level 10
There are dark clouds covering the tree. Drag them to the left and quickly click the apple. (You'll have to work fast.)

Level 11
Only light the bulbs that are directly beneath an owl's open eye.

Level 12
Have you played the Tower Puzzle? It's no fun to know all the steps but I'll get you started. Always make sure the lightest rabbit is at the bottom. Move the smallest rabbit all the way to the right, then move the medium one to the middle. Move the small rabbit all the way back to the left so you can move the medium one all the way right. Then bring the smallest one back so he hangs on the medium one, from there you can move the big rabbit right one space. Your goal is to place the big rabbit right next to the tree on the right.

Level 13
This one is challenging! Your goal is to turn on all the lightbulbs. You can do this by clicking the following bulbs in the top row from left to right: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20. Then do the same in the bottom row but move from right to left. If you make an error you can reset all the lights by clicking the owl. Enjoy the grand finale!

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