Multiplication Blocks
Choose factor blocks.
Reach the target product!
Candy Challenge Pro
Find the candy prices.
Fill all the jars!
Candy Challenge Junior
Fill the jars.
Easier puzzles!
Alien Angles
Estimate angles.
Rescue the aliens!
Candy Cashier
Find the cost.
Pay and make change!
Flip the switch.
First figure out how!
Zippy Boxes
Unlock the boxes.
Meet the zany characters!
Addition Blocks
Select number blocks.
Make the target sum!
Connect animal pairs.
Cover all hexagons!
Jelly Doods
Combine jelly shapes.
Plan your strategy!
Aqua Thief
Draw a path.
Collect the coins!
Reflect the laser beam.
Hit the targets!
Rocket Angles
Measure angles.
Use a protractor!
Pattern Blocks
Explore geometry,
fractions and more.
Sum Shapes
Complete the number puzzles.
Make your own!
Space Graph
Locate coordinates.
Guide the spaceship!
Rescue Mission
Identify coordinates.
Rescue space pals!
Jelly Slice
Divide the jelly blob.
Only one star per section!
Place Value
Math Video
Addition with Regrouping
Math Video
Subtraction with Regrouping
Math Video
Picture Graphs
Math Video
Bar Graphs
Math Video
Line Plots
Math Video
Math Video
Telling Time
Math Video
Elapsed Time
Math Video
Skip Counting
Math Video
Regrouping 3 Digit Numbers
Math Video
Multiplication and Division
Math Video
Commutative Property
Math Video
Associative Property
Math Video
Distributive Property
Math Video
These robots sure can slide.
Guide them to the energy cells.
Blue Box
Guide the bouncy blue box.
Don't let it fall!
Number Trails X
Multiply number blocks.
Reach the target product.
Rhino Rink
Push the rhinos out of the rink.
Plan your strategy!
Rainbow Tower
It's raining blocks.
Can you stack them perfectly?
Feed That Thing!
Leave a trail of apples.
Guide That Thing to the exit.
How to Feed Animals
Owls sleep, others eat.
One left? That would be neat!
Area Blocks
Use area and perimeter
to cover the grid first.
Number Trails Integers
Combine integers.
Match the target number.
Block the Pig
The young pig wants to escape.
Can you keep her safe?
Magic Triangle
Reach the target number!
Make your own puzzles.
Alarmy 2
Alarmy has crash-landed
on a strange, new planet.
Addition Snake
Guide the hungry snake
to the correct sums!
Math Racer Addition
Solve the addition problems.
Drive to the correct sum!
Alarmy 3
Alarmy is back.
24 new puzzles!
Whole Number Conundrum
Solve number puzzles
with whole numbers!
Multiplication Snake
Guide the hungry snake
to the correct products!
Math Racer Multiplication
Solve the multiplication problems.
Drive to the correct product!
Light On
The room is dark.
Can you shed some light?
Robot Islands
Lead the robot to the exit.
Don't fall into the ocean!
Puzzle Pics Multiplication
Find the missing products.
Uncover the hidden picture.
Jelly Collapse
Remove identical blocks of jelly.
More points for long chains!
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Find each weight.
Use mathematical reasoning!
Red Block Rescue
Clear a path and rescue
the red block.
Combine numbers with the
same value to make 2048.
The Warehouse
Can you move the boxes
to where they need to be?
Monsterland Challenge
Help the young monster
wake up his dad!
Trap the Mouse
Can you keep the mouse
from escaping?
Monsterland - One More Junior
Wake up the senior monster!
There are two juniors this time.
Snoring - Pirates!
Wake the sleeping elephant!
The other animals will help.
Can you keep the line
segments from crossing?
Tip Tap Tile
Can you turn all the
tiles white?
Move the boxes.
Make sure they land on yellow circles.
Peg Jumper
Can you leave only one peg
standing? In the center?
Tube Master
Connect the pipes.
Fill in every tile!
Combine numbers to make
the target value.
Parking Lot
Your cool red car is trapped!
Can you escape?
Memory Artist
Can you repeat a long
sequence of colors?
Number Bonds
Combine number discs
to make the target sum.
Math Man
Search for the answers.
Stay clear of the ghosts!
Zogs and Monsters Addition
Solve the addition problems.
Watch out for monsters!
Brain Patterns
How good is your memory?
Test yourself!
Zogs and Monsters Money
Collect coins that add up to the
target value. Avoid the monsters!
Math Lines Addition
Connect number discs that
sum to the target value.
Zogs and Monsters X
Find the products.
Avoid the monsters!
Count and capture gems.
Can you outsmart the computer?
Decimal Number Conundrum
Solve number puzzles
with decimal numbers!
Tower of Hanoi
Move all of the rings from the
left tower to the right one.
Math Lines Multiplication
Connect number discs whose
product matches the target number.
Capture and Turn
Capture your opponent's pieces
and turn them to black.
Integer Number Conundrum
Solve number puzzles
with positive and negative integers!
Puzzle Pics Division
Find the missing quotients.
Uncover the hidden picture!
Tangram Puzzles
Create the image using
the four shapes you are given.
Math Monster Multiplication
Find the missing products.
Uncover the hidden monsters!
Math Monster Division
Find the missing quotients.
Uncover the hidden monsters!
Puzzle Pics Addition
Find the missing sums to 100.
Uncover the hidden picture!
Red Swap Blue
Move the red and blue
tiles to the opposite side.
Four Discs
Make four in a row.
Can you beat the computer?
Math Monster Addition
Find the missing sums.
Uncover the hidden monsters!
Puzzle Pics Subtraction
Find the differences.
Uncover the hidden picture!
Puzzle Pics Money
Count the money.
Reveal the hidden picture!
Math Lines Integers
Combine number discs to
make the target value.
Math Monster Subtraction
Find the differences.
Uncover the hidden monsters!
Quick Calculate
How quickly can you calculate?
Try some mental math!
Shape Inlay
Use the geometric tiles
to fill the image.
Puzzle Pics Addition Facts
Do you know your facts?
Uncover a hidden picture!
Puzzle Pics Clocks
How quickly can you calculate?
Try some mental math!
What's the Word?
Can you guess the word
with only a few clues?
Stones of the Pharoah
Remove blocks from the board.
Group your blocks carefully!
Puzzle Pics Subtraction Facts
Do you know your subtraction facts?
Try some mental math!
Quad Collage
Tile with tetrominoes.
Make sure there are no gaps!
Number Climb
Can you place numbers in order?
Try integers or fractions!
Puzzle Pics Fractions
Can you identify fractions?
Use number lines, bars, and circles.
Hidden Cubes
How many cubes are there?
More than meets the eye!
Magical Spheres
Eliminate the moving spheres
by making groups of three.
Piggy in the Puddle 2
Guide the pig to the mud.
Friendly animals will help.
Fill the Figure
Place the geometric tiles in the figure.
Can you fill it completely?
Break the Code
Use logic to determine
the correct sequence.
Reflect and Rotate
Reflect designs in a grid.
Rotate around the origin.
Golden Scarabaeus
Collect the golden scarabs.
Special abilities come in handy.
Color 'Em
Paint the blocks.
Identical colors must not touch.
Pet Party
Line up the animals
to make 3 in a row.
Bubble Blaster
Eliminate same-colored spheres
in groups of 3 or more!
Be the first to find
the creepy crawlies!
One Clown Standing
Red clowns jump, not blue.
Leave one clown, not two!
Flappy Purupuru
Keep Purupuru in flight.
Watch out for obstacles!
Alarmy 4
The monsters are sleeping.
Alarmy to the rescue!
Number Trails +
Add number blocks.
Reach the target sum.
Musical Mixup
Price tags are missing.
Can you solve the mystery?
Shift the Block
Line up same-colored blocks.
Remove them all!
Alarmy 1
The monsters are asleep.
Can you wake them up?
Product Blocks
Choose the best arrays
to fill the grid.