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Math Playground Privacy Policy
Last Updated January 16, 2024
Math Playground does NOT collect personally indentifiable information from children. Aggregated information collected from our visitors is intended for internal use only.

Math Playground is supported by advertisements which are served by third-party companies. Math Playground uses contextual advertising rather than interest-based advertising. Contextual ads are not targeted to a specific user.
Math Playground does not collect or solicit any personally identifiable information from children. There are no contests or chat features on Math Playground.
Ads that appear on Math Playground come from our advertising partner, Playwire Media. Playwire offers a kidSAFE COPPA-certified service for publishers of child-directed websites. While many of the ads are directly bought from the brands advertised, Playwire also uses carefully screened, 3rd party ad networks. These networks may use aggregated information about your visit to this site, such as the number of times you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address, email address, or other personal information), to serve ads to you on this site. Some ads are targeted specifically to the content within Math and we have taken careful measures to ensure that these ads link only to family friendly advertisers. In response to the new COPPA rules, Math does not permit behaviorally targeted ads on its site, and instead only shows contextually-based ads or other carefully-selected ads which are not based on a user's browsing behavior.

If you would still like to know more about this practice and the choices you may have about not having your information used by these companies for advertising purposes, please see:
Math Playground may use the following technologies to collect information about your website use and devices.

1) Cookies
A cookie is a data file that is placed on your computer or device when you play games on Math Playground. It is used primarily to store information about game levels so you can resume game play on your next visit. If you choose to disable cookies or adjust privacy settings on your device, some features of Math Playground may not function properly.

2) Embedded Scripts
An embedded script is programming code designed to collect information about the way you interact with Math Playground. The code is temporarily downloaded onto your device, is active only while you are connected to Math Playground and is then deactivated or deleted.
Math Playground does not collect personally identifiable information from children.

Math Playground may disclose information about adult visitors in the following circumstances:
1) Third Party Service Providers
Service providers process transactions and send email or other communications on behalf of Math Playground.

2) Legal Concerns
We may disclose information to third parties when such disclosure is required by law or if such disclosure would protect and/or defend Math Playground's policies or employees.

3) Business Concerns
We may disclose information to a subsequent owner or operator of Math Playground or to a third party that expresses interest in acquiring all or part of Math Playground.
Math Playground works with analytics companies that provide us with information regarding website traffic. This information is used solely to support internal operations.
Math Playground takes every reasonable step to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information collected from website users. If personal information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, we will investigate the breach and take all steps required by applicable laws and regulations, and our agreements with any affected schools.
Parents have the right to review and request that Math Playground delete any personal information that it might collect and retain about their child. Math Playground does not collect personal information or data from children at this time.
If we make changes to this privacy policy, we will post them here. If these changes significantly affect the way we handle children's personal information, we will first notify parents and obtain their prior consent, to the extent feasible and required by law.
CONTACT INFORMATION is owned and operated by Math Playground LLC.
All inquiries concerning Math Playground and its policies may be sent to: [email protected]
Mailing Address: Math Playground LLC, PO Box 2865, Framingham, MA 01703
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