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Math Playground for Teachers
Grade 6 Math Games and Activities

Otter Rush
Ratio Martian
Ratio Word Problems
Fraction Word Problems
Ratio Stadium
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Adding Integers
Shape Transformations
Multiplying Integers
Prealgebra Skills
Locate Coordinates
Identify Coordinates
Algebra Puzzles 3
Integer Number Puzzles
Ratio Blaster
Dirt Bike Proportions
Combining Fractions
Project T.R.I.G.
Decimal Number Puzzles
Multiplying Fractions
Candy Challenge Pro
Musical Mixup
Alien Angles
Linear Equations
Transformtion Workshop
Prime Factorization
Ratio and Scale
Equation Creations
Model Algebra Equations
Swimming Otters Exponents
Use a Protractor
Sum Tracks
Math Millionaire
Fraction-Percent Scale
Area Blocks
Spider Match Integers
Geometry Board
Finite Moves
Fraction Bars
Whole Number Puzzles
Fraction-Decimal Scale
Circle Graphs
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Scale
Visual Division
Sum Points
Fractions, Decimals, %
Algebra Puzzles
Grade 6 Logic and Problem Solving Games
Sugar Sugar 3
Wheely 7
Purple Mole
Fox Adventurer
Factory Balls 2
40x Escape
Doctor Acorn 2
Green Mission
Red Block 2
ClickPLAY Time
Adventure Tom
Blue Turn
Lightybulb 2
Lightybulb 3
Overlap Sums
Logic Tracks
Sweet Drmzzz
Red Block Escape
Wise Turn
The Right Way
Feed That Thing
Red Defender
Wheely 3
Blob's Story
Wheely 4
Aqua Thief
Wheely 5
Block the Pig
Wheely 6
Blue Box
Layer Maze
Tower Puzzle
Robot Islands
Me and the Key 2
Factory Balls 4
Full Moon
Hero in the Ocean 2
Me and the Key 3
Sugar Sugar 2
Red Defender
Duck Think Outside the Flock
A Bark in the Dark
Grade 6 Word and Geography Games
Spelling Bees
Double Vowels
Spelling Words
Verb Tenses
Sky Chase Typing
Giraffe Karts - Grammar
Parts of Speech
Antonyms and Synonyms
Word Typing Jets
Must Pop Words
Octo Feed - Homonyms
What's the Word?
Furious Frogs - Antonyms
States and Capitals I
States and Capitals II
Countries and Capitals I
Countries and Capitals II
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