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Problem Solving with Logic Games
Thinking Blocks
Did you know that Math Playground has more than 125 logic games to support your math curriculum? These games are packed with learning opportunities that are essential for the development of a broad range of reasoning skills. Our logic games provide problem solving scenarios that help students gain expertise in pattern recognition, analytical thinking, and other essential problem solving skills.

Fun Games, Serious Results
Carefully crafted problems are at the heart of our logic games. These fun, colorful puzzles provide far more than entertaining challenges. They give students opportunities to apply logical thinking, develop spatial reasoning skills, plan ahead, and visualize strategic moves. Spatial reasoning skills are particularly important. Spatial reasoning tasks are inclusive and invite students of all abilities to reason mathematically.

While exploring game environments, students analyze cause and effect situations and apply trial and error strategies. They collect data and make decisions. They may even reason about numbers. When students play our logic games, they are engaging in the very same processes that mathematicians engage in when faced with a new problem to solve. Logical thinking is an essential problem solving skill necessary for mathematical reasoning and we, as teachers, must help students develop this skill set in the classroom.
Thinking Blocks
Jelly Slice combines math and logic
Top 10 Problem Solving Skills
Sequential Reasoning
Creative Thinking
Spatial Reasoning
Computational Thinking
Geometric Thinking
Planning Strategies
Trial and Error
Testing Ideas
Analyzing Outcomes
Getting Started with Logic Games
All of the logic games on Math Playground are organized by grade level. The best way to find age-appropriate logic games is to visit your grade level page. Choose a game and play a couple of levels. Pay attention to the type of reasoning involved. You may want to project the game on a white board and invite the whole class to participate. Later, you can challenge students to complete the game on their own. Extend the learning by asking your students to write about the game. Did they enjoy it? Why or why not? How would they make it more fun? Creative students may be inspired to design their own games. The possibilities are endless. During free time, encourage students to explore other types of logic games on Math Playground. We have a wide variety of game themes, from animal adventures to space exploration. They all have one thing in common. Our games make learning fun!

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