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1st grade math games
1st Grade
2nd grade math games
2nd Grade
3rd grade math games
3rd Grade
4th grade math games
4th Grade
5th grade math games
5th Grade
6th grade math games
6th Grade
Puzzle Playground
New! Play games on Puzzle Playground
Thinking Blocks
Addition and Subtraction
Hundreds Chart - counting
Pattern Maker - missing numbers
Treasure Quest - find numbers
2048 - doubles
Addition Blocks - addition and number bonds
Addition Snake - addition
Alien Addition - addition
Ducky Race Subtraction - subtraction
Canoe Penguins - 2 digit addition
Chain Sums - 1 and 2 digit addition
Code Sums - 1 and 2 digit addition
Island Chase Subtraction - subtraction
Jet Ski Addition - addition
Kitten Match - number bonds
Minus Mission - subtraction
Magic Triangle - number puzzle, addition, subtraction
Math Racer Addition - addition
Number Bonds 10 - number pairs to 10
Number Bonds 20 - number pairs to 20
Number Bonds 30 - addition
Number Bonds 40 - addition
Number Bonds II - number facts through 20
Number Conundrum - missing addend
Number Invaders - addition and subtraction
Puzzle Pics - addition through 20
Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 20
Puzzle Pics - addition through 100
Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 100
Pop Penguin - place value
Sailboat Subtraction - subtraction
Sum Tracks - number puzzle
Sum Points - number puzzle
Sum Points 2 - number puzzle
Sum Points Levels Pack - number puzzle
Sum Shapes - addition, missing addends
Tug Team Addition - addition
Sum Links - number puzzles
Sum Links Levels Pack - number puzzles
Sum Links 2 - number puzzles
SumBots - problem solving with addition and subtraction
Overlap Sums - number puzzle
Sum Blocks - number puzzle
Zogs and Monsters Addition - addition facts
Multiplication and Division
Treasure Quest - products
Factor Pair Up - factors, products, strategy
Mach 10 Multiples - factors, multiples, products
Grand Prix - multiplication
Drag Race Division - division
Tug Team - multiplication
Meteor Multiplication - multiplication
Demolition Division - division
Space Race - multiplication
Pony Division - division
Division Derby - division
Penguin Jump - multiplication
Math Man - multiplication and division
Puzzle Pics - multiplication
Puzzle Pics - division
Math Monster - multiplication
Math Monster - division
Math Lines - multiplication, factor pairs
Zogs and Monsters - multiplication
Swimming Otters - missing factors
Product Blocks - multiplication, arrays
Number Trails Multiplication - multiplication, factors
Multiplication Snake - multiplication practice
Math Racer Multiplication - multiplication practice
Multiplication Blocks - multiplication, factors, multiples
Canoe Puppies - 2 digit multiplication
FactorBots - apply multiplication
Number Invaders - multiplication and division
Space Racer X - multiplication facts
Pumpkin Multiples - recognizing multiples
Math Hop - simple averages
Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
Fargo and Denny Part 1 - unit fractions
Fargo and Denny Part 2 - unit fractions
Fraction Playground 1 - unit fractions
Belle and Cody Part 1 - equivalent fractions
Belle and Cody Part 2 - equivalent fractions
Fraction Playground 2 - equivalent fractions
Max and Milo Part 1 - add/subtract fractions
Max and Milo Part 2 - add/subtract fractions
Fraction Playground 3 - add/subtract fractions
Decimal Chart - decimals
Pattern Maker - decimals
Treasure Quest - decimals
Escape Fraction Manor - fractions
Decention - fractions, decimals, %
Number Invaders - percent
Triplets - equivalent fractions
Gap Zappers - reasoning with fractions
Math at the Mall 2 - discount, interest, tax
Number Bonds - pairs that make 100, 1
Tug Team Fractions - comparing fractions
Hungry Puppies Decimals - decimal addition
Puppy Pull Decimals - decimal words
Puppy Chase Decimals - change fractions
Number Climb - ordering fractions
Speedway Fractions - adding fractions
Snow Sprint Fractions - multiplying fractions
Number Bond Fractions - make 1 with fractions
Number Bond Decimals - make 1 with decimals
Puzzle Pics Fractions - fractions on a number line
Matching Game - matching fractions and percent
Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of decimals
All Four Operations
Make a Number - four operations
Monster Mischief - broken calculator
PEMDAS Exhibit - order of operations
Far Out Functions - expressions
Arithmetic Game - order of operations
Quick Calculate - basic number operations
Quick Math - basic number operations
Calculator Chaos - numbers and operations
Sum Tracks 2 - number puzzle
Brainie - numbers and operations
Candy Challenge Junior - algebraic thinking
Riddle Books - modeling word problems
Counting and Time
Koala Karts - counting
Jumping Chicks - counting
Giraffe Race - analog and digital time
Giraffe Pull - time words
Puzzle Pics Time - telling time
Money and General Math Knowledge
Math at the Mall 1 - money and decision making
Making Change - coins and adding money
Balance Scale - reasoning with weight
Math Millionaire - general math knowledge
Math Olympics - general math knowledge
Dolphin Dash - count money up to $1.00
Dolphin Feed - make money amount
Puzzle Pics Money - counting money
Candy Cashier - counting money and making change
Shape Mods - transformations
Project TRIG - angles and velocity
Design a Party - area and perimeter
Alien Angles - angles
Rocket Angles - using a protractor
Draw in Code - program a turtle
Block Turns - rotations
Locate the Aliens - coordinates
Spaceboy to the Rescue - coordinates
Building Blocks - 2D geometry
Count the Cubes - 3D volume
Shape Mosiacs - 2D geometry
Geometry Quiz - various geometry topics
Matching Shapes - naming shapes
Finite Moves - geometry puzzle
Area Blocks - area and perimeter
Earthworms - naming and locating coordinates
Kangaroo Hop - recognizing shapes
Rainbow Mechanic - angles
Max Connect 1 - angles
Max Connect 2 - angles
Reflect and Rotate - reflections and rotations
Reflection Painter - symmetry art
Rotation Painter - rotation art
Ratios, Integers, and Number Puzzles
Scale Factor X - ratio and proportion
Ratio Stadium - equal ratios
Dirt Bike Proportions - solving proportions
Ratio Blaster - equal ratios
Ratio Martian - equal ratios
The X Detectives - prealgebra concepts
Weigh the Wangdoodles - visual equations
Algebra Game - visual equations
Algebraic Reasoning - visual equations
Save the Zogs - graphing linear equations
Shuttle Mission Math - algebraic thinking
Orbit Integers - integer addition
Spider Match - integer addition
Number Flowers - addition of integers
Integer Warp - integer multiplication
Number Balls - ordering signed numbers
Otter Rush - exponent expressions
Swimming Otters - variable expressions
Integer Number Bonds - combining integers
Math Lines Integers - combining integers
Number Trails Integers - combining integers
Musical Mix-up - algebraic reasoning
Candy Challenge Game - algebraic reasoning
Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of integers
Mathematical Art and Other Applications
SpiroMath - art and math
Equation Creations - art and math
Doodles - art and math
Game Pro - right triangles
Wheelworks - gear ratios
Sweet Treat Cafe - running a cafe
Space Logic - programming
Builders, Inc - area and perimeter
Adventure Rides - slope
Trigon Studios - trig animation

NEW! Puzzle Playground Games
Math Playground Logic Games
Run - members only
Run 2 - members only
Spelling, Geography, and Keyboarding
Giraffe Karts - grammar
Furious Frogs - antonyms
Octo Feed - homonyms
Elephant Feed - synonyms
Word Invasion - parts of speech
Verb Viper - verb tenses
Turtle Dash - double vowels
Spelling Bees - spelling words
Koala Paddleboards - spelling words
Kitten Hop - dolch word recognition
Coconut Vowels - spelling
Puppy Hop - letter recognition
What's the Word - word formation
Sky Chase - typing words on the keyboard
Typing Jets - typing words on the keyboard
Owl Planes - typing words on the keyboard
Must Pop Words - typing words on the keyboard
Capital Penguin - states and capitals
Penguin Hop - states and capitals 2
Country Toad - countries and capitals
Toad Hop - countries and capital