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Math Playground for Teachers
Solve each puzzle and click the hidden button.
Some clues can be found at the bottom of the page!
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ClickPLAY Time 6 - Learning Connections
Essential Skills
Problem Solving - 16 challenges
Trial and Error - try again and again
Sequential Reasoning - determine the best sequences

Common Core Connection
MP1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
MP7 - Look for and make use of structure.
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ClickPLAY Time 6 Clues
Clue 1. Gently push the turtle inside his shell.
Clue 2. Rhymes with house (sort of).
Clue 3. Best name?
Clue 4. What hour is it?
Clue 5. The sequence is in the name.
Clue 6. Who's missing?
Clue 7. Storytelling in sequence.
Clue 8. Which digit should really be there?
Clue 9. Stop the invaders. Patience required!
Clue 10. Color mixing.
Clue 11. Memorize the colors. Recall their positions.
Clue 12. Move the bottom symbols to the top.
What numbers are formed?
Clue 13. Assemble the PLAY button pieces inside the device. Click the eye to view the order.
Swipe the top dial to the right 2 times.
Swipe the 2nd dial once to the left.
Swipe the 3rd dial once to the left.
Clue 14. Tennis score.
Clue 15. Number pyramid. Trial and error at first.
Clue 16. How many moves would it take for the Knight to get to the red X?
The code is 2,1,3,4