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kindergarten math games
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3rd Grade
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1st Grade Math Games
 Game Spotlight: Skateboard Pups
Skateboard Pups
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 Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Addition Chart
Math Word Problems
Thinking Blocks Jr
Bridge Builder
Galaxy Pals 20
Superhero Subtraction
Skateboard Pups
Monster Stroll
Sailboat Subtraction
Amusement Park Addition
Puzzle Pics Addition to 20
Math Racer Addition
Treasure Quest Addition
Math Surpass Compare
Magic Triangle
Code Sums
Math Monster Subtraction
Addition Blocks
Subtraction to 20
Kitten Match
Ducky Race Subtraction
Addition Snake
Number Trails Addition
Zogs and Monsters +
Island Chase Subtraction
Alien Addition
Minus Mission Subtraction
Math Monster Addition
Number Pairs to 10
Jet Ski Addition
Tug Team Addition
Number Bonds to 20
Math Bars
 Number and Operations in Base Ten
Tandem Turtles Rounding
Bingo Tens
Hundreds Chart
Find the Bus Stop
Place Value Game
Place Value Party
Treasure Quest Numbers
Untamed Number Names
Bingo Number Pairs
Canoe Puppies
Number Patterns
Bingo 3 Numbers
Place Value Video
Jumping Chicks
Koala Karts
Bingo Rounding
 Measurement and Data
Telling Time Video
Picture Graphs Video
Bar Graphs Video
Bar Graphs Video 2
Giraffe Pull Time
Giraffe RaceTime
Reflection Painter
Rotation Painter
Pattern Blocks
 Super Math Puzzles (Subscription Required)
Numbers Pro
 Logic and Problem Solving Games
Paint the House Blue
Dot 2 Dot
Puzzle Blocks
Number Path
Puzzle Slide
Find the Differences
Liquid Sort
Animal Memory
Rainbow Tower
Squirrel Hop
Pingu and Friends
Cake Topping
Katana Fruit
Playful Kitty
Piggy Bank Adventure
Jumpy Kangaroo
Arcade Golf
Sophia's World
Monsterland 4
Monsterland 5
Find the Robot
Arty Agent
Unpuzzle 2
Block the Pig
Car Park Puzzle
Red Block Returns
Connect the Roads
Cookie Trail
Cross the Bridge
Mazes and Keys
Temple Crossing
Mini Golf World
Robot Maze
Chef Slash
One Liner
Puzzle Ball
Double Up
Logic Tail
The Parking Lot
Feed That Thing
Trap the Mouse
Hex Blocks
Dots and Boxes
Sorting Spheres
Andy's Golf
Islands Of Creatures
Gems Glow
Tic Tac Toe
Ghostie Loners
Scratch and Sniff
Reverse the Discs
Code Builder
Follow the Code
Fluffy Cuddlies
Spot the Difference
Jelly Collapse
Number Sequence
Snoring Pirates
Peg Jumper
Tetra Squares
One Clown Standing
Four in a Row
Capture and Turn
Memory Artist
 Word Games
Letter Recognition
Word Recognition
Math Playground