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To ensure that all of the functionality of Math Playground is working properly, please whitelist the following domains:
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Puzzle Playground
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Puzzle Playground is a companion site to Math Playground packed with fun logic puzzles, brain workouts, and engaging learning games. It is published by the founder of Math Playground and contains the same "kids first" approach to internet safety that teachers and parents appreciate at Math Playground. Games at Puzzle Playground involve logic, strategy, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving.

1. We've moved some of our games to our companion site, Puzzle Playground. Have a look around!
2. Games made with Adobe Flash are no longer available.

If you have a specific game in mind, send us a message with the title or game description. It might still be on the site! Find hundreds of great educational activities in the game directory.

Puzzle Playground will reduce some of the load on Math Playground and will enable us to bring more attention to the math and logic games on Math Playground.

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