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1. We've moved some of our games to our companion site, Puzzle Playground. Have a look around!
2. Games made with Adobe Flash are no longer available.

If you have a specific game in mind, send us a message with the title or game description. It might still be on the site!
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Puzzle Playground

Puzzle Playground is a companion site to Math Playground packed with fun logic puzzles, brain workouts, and engaging learning games. It is published by the founder of Math Playground and contains the same "kids first" approach to internet safety that teachers and parents appreciate at Math Playground. Games at Puzzle Playground involve logic, strategy, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving.

1. Puzzle Playground will reduce the bandwidth load on Math Playground.
2. Puzzle Playground will enable us to focus more attention on Math Playground's math games.

B Blue Box, Box Kid, Bumper Boar Plurals, Buttons and Scissors
C Capital Penguin, Coconut Vowels, Color Match, Color Move 2, Color Path, Connectors, Country Toad Countries
D Dot 2 Dot, Dotless, Double Delivery
E Elephant Feed Synonyms
F Fancy Diver, Fill It, Fillness, Filltracks, Furious Frogs Antonyms
G Giant Rabbit Run, Giraffe Karts Grammar
K Kitten Hop Words, Koala Paddleboards
L Logic Tracks
O Octo Feed Homophones, Owl Planes Typing
P Panda Love, Penguin Hop States, Puppy Hop Letters, Push Pull Blocks, Puzzle Blocks, Puzzle Slide
R Rabbit Samurai, Remove 4, Rhino Rink, Rhomb, Robotion, Rolling Panda
S Sky Chase Typing, Spelling Bees
T Temple Crossing, Toad Hop Countries, Turtle Dash Spelling, Two Tiles, Typing Jets
V Veggi Rabbit, Verb Viper
W Word Frog, Word Invasion Grammar


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