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Thinking Blocks
Problem Solving the Thinking Blocks® Way!
We updated our Thinking Blocks suite of learning tools with all new features.
read aloud word problems - visual prompts - better models - engaging themes - mobile friendly

Thinking Blocks Junior
Thinking Blocks Addition
Thinking Blocks Multiplication
Thinking Blocks Fractions
Thinking Blocks Ratios
Thinking Blocks Tool
Print Word Problems
Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction Videos
Part-Whole A
Part-Whole B
Two Steps
Compare A
Compare B
Compare C
Thinking Blocks Multiplication and Division Videos
Mixed Operations
Compare A
Compare B
Critical Thinking
Thinking Blocks Fraction Videos
Fraction of a Set A
Fraction of a Set B
Fraction of a Set C
Add and Subtract A
Add and Subtract B
Multiply and Divide
Thinking Blocks Decimals and Percent Videos
Decimals A
Decimals B
% of a Number
Taxes, Tips, Sales
% Challenge A
% Challenge B
Thinking Blocks Ratio and Proportion Videos
Compare A
Compare B
Compare C
Three Quantities
Critical Thinking
Thinking Blocks Algebra Videos
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 4
Problem 5
Problem 6
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