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Lightybulb is sad.
Use your brain power to make Lightybulb smile again and again.
Some clues can be found at the bottom of the page!
Lightybulb - Learning Connections
Essential Skills
Problem Solving - 20 challenging levels
Trial and Error - try again and again
Sequential Reasoning - determine the best sequences

Common Core Connection
MP1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
MP7 - Look for and make use of structure.
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Lightybulb Clues
Clue 1. Flip the switch.
Clue 2. Make sure the current is on.
Clue 3. Odd numbers rule.
Clue 4. Only one sequence will work.
Clue 5. N is given. Find the others.
Clue 6. Is there a loose connection?
Clue 7. Timimg is everything.

Clue 8. Read the signs.
Clue 9. Find the correct sequence.
Clue 10. N is given. Find the others.
Clue 11. Stay 1 step ahead of the light switch.
Clue 12. Timing is crucial!
Clue 13. Read the signs.
Clue 14. Find the correct sequence.

Clue 15. N is given but it's not first.
Clue 16. This level is hiding something.
Clue 17. Have we mentioned timing?
Clue 18. Odd first. Height matters.
Clue 19. Find the correct sequence.
Clue 20. Which is N? The colored dots know.

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