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kindergarten math games
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Place Value
Intro to Fractions
Bar Graphs 2
3 Digit Numbers
Addition Regrouping
Telling Time
Line Plots
Subtract with Zeros
Elapsed Time
Skip Counting
 More Math Videos
Multiply and Divide
Regroup and Subtract
Multiplication Terms
Division Terms
Commutative Property
Associative Property
Division Remainders
Long Division
Distributive Property
Picture Graphs
Intro Multiplication
Bar Graphs
Multiplication by 3
A Story about Kindness
Numbers and Operations
Prime Numbers
Prime Factorization
Divisibility Rules
Rounding Numbers
Common Factors and Multiples
GCF Word Problem
Subtract by Regrouping
Multiplication Facts
Long Division
Add Fractions
Simplify Fractions
Fractions and Decimals
Divide Fractions
Fraction of a Number
Compare and Order Fractions

Multiply Decimals
Divide Decimals
Divide Decimal-Powers of 10
Equal Ratios
Ratio Word Problems
Ratios 2
Sale Price
Convert Fractions to Percents
Calculate the Tip
Percent Change

Geometry and Measurement
Polygon Angle Sum
Pythagorean Theorem
Square Root Operations
Triangle Angle Sum
Using a Protractor
Plotting Points
Definition of Slope
Find the Slope
Graphing Lines
Calculating the Midpoint
Area of a Triangle
Area of a Trapezoid
Area and Perimeter
Area of a Circle
Area of a Trapezoid
Surface Area Cones

Surface Area Cylinders
Surface Area Complex
Surface Area Prisms
Surface Area Pyramids
Volume of Cones
Volume of Cylinders
Volume of Prisms
Volume of Pyramids
Milliseconds in 1 day
Metric System
Stem and Leaf Plot
Changing Averages

Order of Operations
Defining Variables
One Step Equations
Two Step Equations

Variable Equations
Solve 5(2x + 7) = 45
Simplifying Like Terms
Multistep Equations
Variable on Both Sides

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