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1st grade math games
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4th grade math games
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5th grade math games
5th Grade
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Math Teaching Resources
Teaching with Math Games
Math Videos - Concepts and Problem Solving
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Place Value
3 Digit Numbers
Picture Graphs
Intro to Multiplication
Associative Property
Addition with Regrouping
Bar Graphs
Multiplication with Three
Multiplication and Division
Telling Time
Line Plots
Multiplication Vocabulary
Division Vocabulary
Subtraction with Zeros
Elapsed Time
Skip Counting
Commutative Property
Division and Remainders
Long Division
Distributive Property
Perimeter of a Polygon
Area of a Rectangle
Intro to Fractions
Bar Graphs 2
A Story about Kindness
Beginner A
Beginner B
Learner A
Learner B
Whiz A
Whiz B
Expert A
Expert B
Star A
Star B
Pro A
Pro B
Lines and Angles
Polygon angle sum
Pythagorean Theorem
Square Root operations
Triangle angle sum
Using a protractor
Plotting Points
Definition of Slope
Finding the Slope of a Line
Graphing Lines
Calculating the midpoint

2D and 3D Shapes
Area of a triangle
Area of a trapezoid
Area and perimeter
Area of circles
Area of trapezoids
Surface Area of cones
Surface Area of cylinders
Surface Area complex
Surface Area of prisms
Surface Area of pyramids
Volume of cones
Volume of cylinders
Volume of prisms
Volume of pyramids

Numbers and Properties
What is a prime number?
What is prime factorization?
What are divisibility rules?
How do you round numbers?
How do you find GCF and LCM?
Word Problem - GCF
Whole Number Operations
How do you subtract by regrouping?
How can I learn my times tables?
How do you do long division?
What is a quotient?
How do you add fractions?
How do you simplify fractions?
Change fractions into decimals
How do you divide fractions?
Find a fraction of a number
Compare and order fractions
How do you multiply decimals?
How do you divide decimals?
Divide decimal by powers of 10
Ratio and Proportion
What is a ratio?
What are equal ratios?
Solving ratio word problems
Measurement and Data
More than one mode?
Milliseconds in 1 day?
What's the metric system?
Reading a stem and leaf plot
Word problem - changing averages
How do you find the sale price?
Convert fractions to percents
Calculating the tip
Percent Change
What is PEMDAS?
Order of Operations
Defining Variables
Additive and Multiplicative Inverses
Solving Single-step Equations
Solving Two-step Equations
Algebraic Equations
Solving a variable equation
How do you solve 5(2x + 7) = 45?
How do you solve an inequality?
Simplifying Like Terms
Solving Multi-step Equations
Variable on Both Sides of the Equation
Thinking Blocks - Addition
Part Whole A
Part Whole B
Two Steps
Compare A
Compare B
Compare C
Thinking Blocks - Multiplication
Mixed Operations
Compare A
Compare B
Critical Thinking
Thinking Blocks - Fractions
Fraction of a Set A
Fraction of a Set B
Fraction of a Set C
Add and Subtract A
Add and Subtract B
Multiply and Divide
Thinking Blocks - Ratios
Decimals A
Decimals B
Percent of a Number
Taxes, Tips, Sales
Percent Challenge A
Percent Challenge B

Thinking Blocks - Percent
Compare A
Compare B
Compare C
3 Quantities
Advanced Problem

Thinking Blocks - Algebra
Example A
Example B
Example C
Example D
Example E
Example F